Mid-Atlantic Tae Kwon Do 

Traditional Style Korean Karate

Mid-Atlantic Tae Kwon Do is a Member of the USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association.



Our school teaches traditional Tae Kwon Do: blocking, kicking & striking techniques, traditional forms, street drills and fighting.


The emphasis of our style is Speed, Power, Balance, Focus and Control. Fighting is non-contact, but there are no pads, no points and no timeouts. This allows our students to train “real life”… full speed.



Grandmaster Duk Sung Son, 9th degree black belt brought Tae Kwon Do to the United States in 1963 and has taught through to his retirement in 2008. The Mid-Atlantic Tae Kwon Do school is a member of the USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association.


Speed Power Balance Focus Control